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About Our (Search Engine Optimisation) SEO Consulting Services

Need assistance with your search engine optimization strategy and next steps? Our SEO consultants can help your website reach next-level ranking and traffic boost.

We understand every business has its own needs and budgeting. Some customers prefer to stay on top of daily SEO tasks but need some help and guidance to find the right direction.

Give your project the competitive advantage it needs with SEO consulting services from Busy Fox.
With years of experience in helping businesses grow exposure on Google and other major search engines, our SEO consultants understand what it requires to help you achieve top rankings and increased traffic with better conversions.

In addition, the benefit of having us on board as an independent analytic will get you an understanding of your site errors, weak points, and what you need to change for better search engine optimization opportunities.
Moving further, we can plan a clear strategy and a roadmap for implementation to proceed with your success.

What Our SEO Consulting Services Include?

It is not just our experience that helps us stay on top of competitors and deliver expert opinions when it comes to website audits.

We use the help of many professional tools and analytic software to understand the current position of any website, its competitors, errors, and ratings. These are monthly subscription investments we as an SEO company carry every month to stay on top and keep our hands on the pulse of the SEO market and trends.

Website SEO Audit

We will dig deep into your website to find out your current search position, as well as opportunities to gain better search results. Our specialists will analyze keywords to understand how well it matches your project niche and its distribution over website pages. It will include the main meta tags check, title length, description, placement, and header tags performance. To help form a plan to gain growth and secure a top position. We also will research content structure, percentage, duplicates, and plagiarism for main pages.

Website Technical Audit

The technical website audit is a process that allows you to find technical errors, broken pages, links, load speed, etc. Basically, check your project’s total health and discover what needs to be fixed to improve your position in the search engine. We perform a full scan of your website from A to Z and find 95% of errors and bugs. The technical audit must be run regularly, due to website are neve stay still, and during its performance and updates, glitches and misalignments can happen.

Domain Authority and backlinks Audit

Domain Authority or Domain Rating is one of the essential SEO factors. We will analyze website backlinks mass, to check its strength and toxicity. Sometimes, an inexperienced webmaster would gain black hat backlinks that can negatively impact your SEO position. It is important to gain quality backlinks and grow your DA and DR continuously, but at the same time makes sure to control spammy backlinks to avoid a Google ban. It is also important to track and control anchors statistics and distribution percentages to avoid search engine penalties. Our experts can analyze this for you and plan necessary changes where needed.

Competitors Analysis

Your website is not the only one in your niche. By all means, if SEO is essential to you, it is also essential to your competitors.
Our SEO consultants will dive deep into what your top competitors are accomplishing with SEO, what they are missing, and how to use this information to improve your site ranking. By analyzing their best practices, we can provide you with a solution to improve your pace in the SEO race. Throughout our research, we will analyze and compare on-page and off-page competing domains and bring you deployed solutions and steps required to move ahead of your competitors.

One on One Consultation with SEO Expert

We are real people, and we are here to help you achieve your website goals. Whenever you have a question or do not know what to do next, we will be here for you for a quick chat over the phone or a zoom meeting.

We have a few options to choose from when it comes to our SEO consultancy services.

SEO Consulting Fees

How Much Will It Cost?
In Depth Website SEO Audit.
$250/ report
  • Up to 14 Days to Complete
  • Technical Website Audit
  • Keyword analysis
  • SERP analyse
  • Competitors analyse
  • Domain ranking analyse
  • Health backlinks analyse
  • Toxic backlinks analyse
  • Backlinks anchors analyse
  • One on one consultation
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  • *all prices are GST excluded and will reflect +10% in the invoice
  • See Example
Technical Website Audit
$25/ repot
  • Up to 7 Days to Complete
  • Project Overview Analyse
  • URL Structure
  • Status Code
  • Crawling and Indexing
  • URLs Depth and Clicks
  • Load Speed
  • HTTP\HTTPS protocols
  • Content Optimization
  • Issues Report
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  • *all prices are GST excluded and will reflect +10% in the invoice
  • See Example

See In Details On What Our SEO Consulting plans include


Plan 1 – One-off technical website audit

One-off technical website audit. The scan is great for those who need help finding website errors and bugs but do not have professional tools. We usually provide a website scan report within a few days, depending on your project size. 

Our report will include:


This section contains a brief overview of the audit results. Detailed reports on particular optimization aspects are
presented in the next sections.
The report will show the total numbers of URL checked and URLs with major issues which include: Brocken pages

  • Brocken pages
  • Redirects
  • Non-Compliant
  • Long loading time
  • Missing important content
  • Thin content
  • Duplicate content
  • Missing internal links
  • Image issues

URL Structure

This report helps to visually evaluate the URL structure. It shows the most popular hosts and second-tier segments (e.g.

Status Codes

This section shows the status codes of the internal and external URLs. Pay attention to the inaccessible documents, redirects,
pages returning 4xx and higher status codes – landing on such URLs, users and search engines may consider the site low-quality.

Crawling and Indexing

This section shows data on instructions and server settings affecting the crawling and indexing of the internal URLs
content. Non-compliant documents usually don’t drive search traffic and even waste crawl budget.

  • URL Compliance
  • Reasons for URL Non-Compliance
  • Meta Robots and X-Robots-Tag
  • Canonical Use

Click and URL Depth

This section shows click depth (the number of clicks from the initial page) and URL depth (the number of segments in the
URL) of the internal compliant HTML pages.

Pages with click depth over ‘4’ may have indexing issues, thus not driving organic traffic.
Page URLs with depth over ‘4’ and/or too long address may be hard to perceive for site visitors.

Load Speed

This report helps to evaluate the server response time of the internal and external compliant documents. This parameter is a
major ranking factor – fast sites usually drive more traffic, have lower bounce rates, and higher conversion rates.

HTTP\HTTPS protocols

This section contains document protocols: secure (HTTPS), and insecure (HTTP). If websites with HTTPS protocol have
HTML pages, images, or resources with HTTP protocol, it may cause the ‘Mixed content’ issue. In this case, users may see
a corresponding warning in the browser and search engines will consider the site insecure.

Content Optimization

Duplicate and Missing Title, Description, H1
This report helps to evaluate the percentage and number of compliant pages with duplicate or missing SEO elements.
Duplicate or missing title, description, and H1 are wasted opportunities that can negatively affect ranking and website
visibility in SERP.


This section contains reports on issues detected during the audit: the number of URLs with issues of different severity;
top errors and warnings that may have the most noticeable effect when fixed; the issue list with examples of the URLs
they’ve been detected on.


Plan 2 One-off a full audit.

One-off a full audit. The package is great for those stuck who need to find out why the project is not moving ahead. 

Our report will include:

  • The technical website audit report as in Plan 1
  • Keyword analysis and distribution
  • Domain ranking score analyses and backlinks overview.
  • Competitors analyze and propose you can use to improve your site position.


Plan 3 Monthly subscription plan

Monthly subscription plan with tracking and reporting and phone consultations with SEO executive. The package is a perfect solution for small-scale businesses or those doing their own SEO but need regular website tracking and analytics help with expert supervision and professional tools and software. 

Our month;y report will include:

  • The technical website audit report
  • Keyword analysis and distribution
  • Domain ranking score analyses and backlinks overview.
  • Competitors analyze and propose you can use to improve your site position.


  • Phone consultations with a dedicated manager

For a small monthly fee, you can track your website performance, stay on top of your error reporting, track your monthly website statistic and growth progression.


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