If you’re a business owner who is unaware of what copywriting is, you need to get yourself caught up – and fast! Copywriting is the strategy that you’re going to be using to get viewers on your website and attract more customers to your store via online content. It’s not easy to get noticed, especially if you’re a small business – but through copywriting you can attract many more visitors without having to run advertisements. Copywriting can mean many things, but the overall goal is to have your website rank higher on the results page of a search engine.

Typically no one wants to go beyond the first page of Google; as that’s where you’re going to find a lot of sites that don’t seem legitimate. You don’t want your business to be among such websites, which is why copywriting is such an important part of business development.


Having blogs posted on your website means that there are more channels and opportunities for your website to be noticed. It puts your site in a bigger pool of keywords and searches. Our copywriting services are going to help your website’s traffic grow significantly, with seemingly effortless posts. 

You would likely have noticed that nearly every business has a blog on its website. That is because not only does it offer helpful content to their customers, but it makes them easier to find when certain words and phrases are searched. So long as the content is relevant and helpful – your business can benefit from it.


Much like blog posts, SEO copywriting in the form of articles will provide more avenues for potential customers to reach your business. Search engines rely on content to rank different websites in their results pages, and the more interesting website content you have within your site, the better your website is going to rank.

Landing pages

The landing page of your website is arguably the most important. You want the first thing your customers to see to be impressive content. You can’t have a website that offers poorly written text at every turn – that will only turn customers away. When someone is trying to spend their money, they want it to be with someone they can trust.

Product descriptions

When you’re selling anything; be it a service or a product – you want the description of it to be promising. When it comes to websites, you want the content on your website to be persuasive and appealing. You need to effectively sell the product or service with the product description, which is exactly what we aim to deliver.

We offer a range of website copywriting and SEO copywriting services that you won’t find with any copywriting agency. We gauge our success based on the growth your business experiences from our services. We believe that with your content marketing services – the traffic of your website will experience serious growth in no time. If you don’t feel like your website is up to a good standard and needs changing there, feel free to refer to our web development services!



Copywriting Pricing Plans

How Much Will It Cost Us?
Blogs and Articles
$120/ content
  • 500words
  • SEO optimised
  • Includes Meta Description
  • Thorough Subject Research
  • Includes Images
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Product Description
$30/ description
  • 100words
  • SEO optimised
  • Includes Meta Description
  • Formatted Ready to Publish
  • Includes FBA Bullet Points
  • Formatted with Feature Lists
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*all prices are GST excluded and will reflect +10% in the invoice