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Search Engine Optimisation Serivces.

SEO or Search engine optimisation is a necessary part of any internet platform. Every website owner has to embrace this strategy in order to stay ahead of their competitors. It is estimated that Google processes over 5 billion in search queries daily. This means that is everyday internet users are looking for products and services like yours. However, the reality is that once they have typed their query, it is less likely they will look further than Google’s first page.

If you are not on the first page of Google, you practically invisible.

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Tasks we can do to improve your website rating with SEO Services.


SEO Services

Local SEO

The search engine optimisation strategy aims to improve local business visibility on major search engines like Google. The search queries by customers who are looking for service from nearby locations. This approach benefits local companies who run a business from a physical office or store and serve customers from around that area.

E-Commerce SEO

The technique to improve internet stores visibility and optimise its performance in boosting an online sales volume. A tailored approach for each platform by creating a unique growth strategy.

International SEO

International search engine optimization aims to increase website presence in various countries and approach users who speak different languages. However, the correct website optimisation requires to allow search engines to identify the market it is targeting.

The way we do SEO Services.

Search Engine Optimisation is a multitasking set of work tasks to bring a web resource to the top positions in natural search results.
SEO consists of three main areas, technical, internal and external website optimization. Our tailored strategy and continuous work allow us to bring the site to the first page of the search engine and keep the TOP positions.

Technical part

We offer a comprehensive entire site audit for all checkpoint factors from A to Z. Our reports are custom and unique for each project. We prepare and explain to you every point. We outline a description of the errors, why they accrue, how to fix them. Some mistakes could be unimportant, and we explain why it is not relevant, a description of each suggestion, and why we suggest performing any necessary changes.

Competitors analyses

We analyse TOP search result queries and competitors who ALREADY occupy positions in the TOP 5 search results and make recommendations for optimizing site pages. Usually, this will be a combination of tasks, preparing content (texts, photos), optimizing current site pages, creating and optimizing new site pages (expansion of the site structure for the semantic core), planning, and performing backlink strategy.

Website health

We will regularly audit the website by scanning it for possible errors and bugs and fixing them as required.

Site structure

Creating a good site structure helps the website to get a better chance in higher search engine ranking. A combination of usability, design, site navigation, on-page content and elements is vital to create a logical website structure. We will plan and build navigation, layout, and coding to bring a final result to make your website more appealing to users and search engines if and where required.

Semantic Core

Every website requires propper semantic core and the proper distribution of semantic keywords and phrases to each platform page.
We perform the maximum research of semantics keywords and phrases includes complete coverage of the topic + cleaning negative queries + clustering queries for planning and tailoring further building the site structure. We prepare a semantic report for each page of the website, compare the current website’s semantic structure and plan a semantic upgrade and integration based on research and comparison results.

To secure the growth of traffic, we research and build a semantic core for the website. Then, we plan keyword targeting for each page and integrate semantic keywords and phrases into the website through quality content.

Website Ranking

Site Ranking, also known as Domain Authority or Rating, is one of the most critical aspects of every website SEO.
In simple terms, this measures the total number of backlinks from another website to your site, with appropriate content. Part of our services is to increase your site ranking continuously. Therefore, we will ensure the level of quality external link mass is regularly growing by increasing, diluting, and improving the link volume.


Domain ranking


Backlink strategy

We perform a complete analysis of the existing link volume+ development of a backlink strategy of the site. This includes but not limited to: 

  • Total domain’s link volume. 
  • Link volume for key pages, 
  • Link volume for top pages
  • Anchor scheme, 
  • Spam links, 
  • Correct distribution of the link volume, 
  • Dynamics of the link volume, 
  • Types of links, 
  • Relevance of links, 
  • Relevance of “donor” website, 
  • Competitor’s link volume 

After auditing and collecting all info, we will prepare a tailoring strategy to increase link volume.

Link building is an outgoing process that requires a systematic build-up of high-quality link volume based on the proposed strategy.
Our role is to find appropriate resources that allow us to place articles, blogs and other content with backlinks to your website.

Monthly reporting.

We are a fully open SEO agency and provide you with a clear overview on what we do with your project. As a part of our service, every customer receives a complete detailed report. Apart from it, you can call or email us at any time.

SEO Services Cost

We offer three different standard payment plans to suit every budget. The amount of work our team dedicates to your project and the time frame for your website to appear on top search results will directly depend on a payment plan and will line up according to the allocated budget. The larger the budget, the faster the internal and external site optimization will be carried out. All our plans require a one-off account setup fee of $500.00

Why We Charge SEO Services Account Set Up Fee?

We charge this fee to get to know your project. We do preliminary website analysis, research current website health, scan website for errors, research competitors, site industry niche, initial research for semantic keywords, and set up a dedicated team to manage your resources. We then tailor your strategy and get your project ready to launch for Better SEO.

Can not find a suitable payment plan?

Not to worry, we can arrange work within an individual budget that you define. We understand everyone is unique and has different resources and abilities. So let’s talk and see how we can build a better SEO for your site.

Pricing Plans

How Much Will It Cost Us?
$499/ monthly
  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Copywriting
  • Onpage Optimisation
  • Errors and bags fixing
  • 1 Page Optimisation
  • 3 Backlinks
  • Consultations
  • Dedicated manager
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Cancel any time
$999/ monthly
  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Copywriting
  • Onpage Optimisation
  • Errors and bags fixing
  • 3 Page Optimisation
  • 9 Backlinks
  • Consultations
  • Dedicated manager
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Cancel any time

*all prices are GST excluded and will reflect +10% in the invoice

Billions of users use search engines every day to find products or services. You need an SEO service to tune your website and make it more search engine friendly. By doing so, you will be found by customers before they find your competitors.

With the stable work performance, according to the tailored strategy for internal and external site optimization, an average forecast of 5-8 months is required to reach the TOP search positions of more than 40% of key phrases.

From the moment of implementation of all technical aspects of the site, full elaboration of the semantic core, achievement of link volume indicators to the similar level as competitors in terms of the number of referring domains and their quality (domain rank).

You need to remember you are competing with competitors who will be constantly trying to overcome you in SEO. If you stop doing SEO after your site reached TOP positions in search engine inquiries, you will lose leadership. You will stay a short period of time on TOP of search results, but slowly and surely you will be downgrading to the bottom of this chase.

We are a transparent SEO company. We do not make 100% promises, as in this field, no one can. But we can promise you that we will treat your project as our own and deliver the best knowledge and resources to bring you on TOP of your competitors.

Alex Zubok, Busy Fox Founder and CEO

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