A few words about Lana’s Art

Lana Zueava oil painting artist. Russian-born New Zealander living in Gold Coast, Australia. Lana has always been attracted to visual art from a young age.

She started art studies and graduated from Russian art school as a teenager, learning from talented teachers. Over the years of creating exceptional artworks, we have found her style and become one of the well-known oil painting artists in the art community.

Moving to Australia in 2018 from New Zealand, Lana became full-time involved in art and creating beautiful paintings. Her artworks reflect many styles. The choices of still life, landscape, and animal art are available for those looking to buy oil painting arts. For those looking for something more special and unique, Lana can offer a commission art.

We highly recommend you to visit Lana Zueva’s website https://lanazuevaartist.com/, and we are sure you will find art that appeals to you.