What Are SEO Backlinks and How do backlinks help SEO?

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Before you Learn How to Build Backlinks and Its Options

According to recent data, only about 30% of small businesses have an SEO strategy. However, these businesses are infinitely better off than the others, and if you want to overtake them, you’ll need an SEO package of your own to crush the competition!

Here, we’re going to talk about the importance of SEO backlinks in gaining web traffic and credibility. Read on to take your website to the next level!

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to online manipulations that boost your website up in search engines. This is critical because 92% of search engine users don’t click past the first page of results after making a search.

The goal is for search engine crawlers (sometimes called ‘spiders’) to see that your website is optimized with certain high-volume keywords and link building strategies. They will then believe you to be more reliable, credible, and relevant, which leads to them placing you higher up in search results.

What is SEO Back links?

One of the most important aspects of SEO is backlinking. Its is a ranking factors when it comes to your Domain Authority and Ranking. Simply put, a backlink happens when one website includes a link pointing to another page within its blog posts.

As a company purchasing or creating SEO-rich content, you will want to link to reliable sites that have high traffic. This will take consumers to other relevant information on the topic that they are learning about. It also will show Google spiders that your page is associated with other high-quality pages and is therefore trustworthy.

Getting other sites to link to you is also an important backlinking strategy and linkbuilding option. Inbound links can be created in a lot of ways, including linking to your official website from social media pages. This will direct traffic to your website and ensure that you are cited in multiple places on the web. You will then be identified as a relevant site to your market and as one that your target audience likes.

You can also increase backlinks by purchasing guest posting packages from SEO experts. This paid link-building strategy pairs you with another website that will produce content that links back to your website. Not only will this get you more traffic, but it’s a great way to build connections and professional relationships with others in similar industries to yours.

How to increase SEO Backlinks mass?

The easiest way is to hire a link building services company that is experienced reliable and can guarantee backlink and maximize your revenue to the website. Important to know that any strategy must consider proper anchor planning and avoid broken links to eliminate Google penalties when planning a roadmap for backlinks to your website. 

How Does Anchor Text Work?

An ‘anchor text’ refers to the visibly highlighted words that an HTML hypertext link is attached to. When you click on an anchor text, you’ll be taken to the site of the backlink included in an article. This directs traffic to the page that is linked within a blog post and establishes a relationship between the two sites.

SEO-friendly anchor text is anywhere between 2 and 5 words. These words are relevant to the post that you’re linking to. An irrelevant anchor text can make both your site and the target site being linked to less appealing to crawlers.

You also don’t want your anchor text to be too rich in keywords. This is because Google’s algorithm becomes suspicious of unnatural link building when anchor text has a high keyword density.

What A SEO Backlink Article Is?

You must have written an article and perhaps you may consider what you have written is pretty good. Then you need to find a webmaster who will be happy to accept your text on their Online Articles Website. However, are you sure that your article can compete with the many other online articles present on Google’s index on an almost similar topic as yours?

Here in this post, we will try to explain how you can boost your articles to become more popular when someone searches them on the Google search engine.

Have you heard about the term called SEO? The full form of this term is Search Engine Optimization. In short, any article that you write should be an SEO article so that it can appear on the result of any search engine. You also need to use certain special phrases in the article relevant to your topic. They are known as ‘keywords’.

Why should you write SEO article?

The following are a few reasons why writing an SEO article online is so important.

  1. Google exists because of SEO articles

Google stores all articles that are regularly published and they are indexed in their lists. When someone searches then Google will match the phrases with the articles available with them. Those articles that are SEO articles can easily meet the criteria of the search. 

  1. Your revenue may increase if your article is found more

If your articles are SEO articles then chances are that people will find your article more than other articles and more people will read you and you will have a greater chance of revenue generation.

  1. Beat competition in search results

Being SEO article, your article will dominate in the search engine results and thus you will always stay ahead of the competition. Your views expressed in the article will become more popular. 

  1. You will become famous

As more and more people will read your article, you will become more famous and your views will be considered with greater respect.

How to write an SEO article

  1. Research for right keywords

While writing an SEO article, first of all, you must find a few well-researched keywords related to your topic that most people prefer to use while making a search. You can find that while making search queries by using Google.

  1. Use the keywords in a proper manner

How many times do you use the keyword and where you place it in your article is important but more important is how the keyword is used. In no way the keyword should look irrelevant to the sentence where it is used.

  1. Write something that offers useful information

You must write such an article that offers a piece of relevant information about the topic so that by reading it, your readers can get some useful information and enhance their knowledge on the topic under discussion.

  1. Make it sufficiently long that people may find time to read

Your topic must neither be too long that people may not get sufficient time to read it unless the topic demands a lengthy article, nor it should be too short that people do not find any relevant information that they were looking for.

Read To Know About SEO Press Release?

The basic concept behind press releases usually is to share a few newsworthy contents with certain interested parties. Also, press releases are used for complementing your existing strategy for SEO, which may include a social presence, blogging, blogger outreach programs, or content marketing.

Now it is said that today, press releases do not hold any more the same SEO value that they had a few years back, as Google has started recognizing that few companies were just using them to gain backlinks, instead of sharing any newsworthy topics.

What a press release is?

If you check any dictionary then a press release will mean an official statement offering information to various journalists about a certain noteworthy event.

The basic purpose of such a press release will be to inform entire journalists about that event, with the hope that it will appear on a certain reputable news platform for the following reasons:

  • To build a reputation
  • To gain enough media coverage.
  • To control any crisis by publishing your own side of the story to get the initial benefit when things are going wrong.

As new technologies evolved, companies found a new reason for sending press releases to gain links from any reputable news sites and boost SEO as a result.

How to write a certain SEO press release?

Often SEO press releases can rank well for fast reputation management purposes and that may fade away after some time. A well-structured and compelling press release will be shared and also talked about that can serve the purposes very well.

What will be in this article?

  • To get differentiated coverage, you must release the information just a few days/hours before to a few groups of trusted journalists. The next day the press release will be known to everyone.
  • Know your keywords
  • Try to place the brand name always in the headline of your press release.
  • You must know the most important parts of your press release.
  • Try to place the brand name in your HTML title of the press release, however, make it a little different than your headline.
  • Put variations, along with your name of brand in the press release body.
  • Now link from your press release to the sub-page on your relevant website.

Stepped press coverage

It is not necessary to send the same press release everywhere. To gain wider appeal you must create different versions of your same story and try to release them in some different places.

Try to use search phrases as your users do

You must know your proper keywords. Many people in the same industry may also use different terms for the same phrase. People will generally use these keywords to search.

Primary key phrases

This will be your main key phrase. It can be a brand name, product’s name, or service, but this will be your primary key phrase. It should be placed differently from any other key phrases that are less significant.

Secondary/long-tail key phrases

Less commonly used a few long-tail key phrases may not be as competitive as your primary key phrases, but they can generate a little more total searches as compared to your general, competitive terms.

Few Things to Know About SEO Guest Blog Posting

As a blogger, it is quite likely that you are not too happy with the amount of traffic being generated to your site, then you may tend to ask yourself a very simple question, is it really worth spending more time on such guest posting?

Despite a few concerns expressed by many bloggers about this kind of inbound marketing strategy, guest posting is still relevant and is the best way to grow your audience for driving traffic to your website.

What guest posting can accomplish?

Firstly, the purpose of such guest blogging is to build relationships. With this, you are networking with many other bloggers to make new connections that might prove useful sometime later. Bloggers can always be very influential people and their blog makes up a significant amount of conversations that happen on the internet.

With your guest posting, you may know people, and indirectly you may increase your influence within social media.

Secondly, with guest blogging, you are introduced to a new audience. You can tap into the audience of the host blog by making your pitch to a certain established community who may be interested in your opinion.

If you can add value to their knowledge, then they will like to read again your blog to check further about your other content.

Thirdly, guest posting plays a big role in SEO (search engine optimization). Guest blogging is mostly discussed in this context and as a result, any popular guest posting may become a very good source to drive traffic to any site.

When you are posting on any other person’s website, the one particular thing that you should surely include in the posting is the link to the website where you are interested to drive your traffic.

In most cases, this might also be embedded in your text, or included in the bio of the author. However, generating a few backlinks is the main objective of guest blogging. Being referenced on certain reputable, quality websites is a very big factor in the way how big search engines may decide to rank the blog.

After some time, generating all these backlinks can help to boost your search engine rankings. Therefore, people refer to any guest blogging as ‘good for SEO’.

Few tips after your guest Blog is published

You will want this blog to do well, and even the publisher will promote the post, however, there are a few things that you should also do too.

  1. Be responsive in comments

Always be ready to reply to any questions and offer positive comments.

  1. Track the post

Trackon social platforms and also respond to any comments if it makes any sense.

  1. Promote the post

Also, promote on various social channels too. Come up with a few different social shares and try to share throughout the year.

  1. Keep it evergreen

Things may change, e.g. algorithms, statistics, procedures, and other legal issues. If you find any change, then email the publisher along with updates that may be added to your article so that it remains relevant and trustworthy.


Now that you know all about SEO backlinks and how they work, it’s time to get started! The important thing to know is you should not buy backlinks in Australia or Elsewhere, rather you should earn back links by offering valuable content to webmasters and asking for links to your websites. Be sure to avoid broken link-building resources when choosing products or services from search engine optimization agencies

The other important point to keep in mind is to keep backlinks portfolio monitoring to be sure all your valuable links are alive and not lost.

Contact us for more information about planning and executing an SEO strategy that works for you. Our experts are happy to help you create blog posts that incorporate high-quality links that drive traffic to your site.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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