Flooring Domain, an Australian award-winning flooring directory.

The role of online directories and why we are doing this.

Why you should use online directories for your business.

Nowadays, any business needs to have an online presence and have a global appearance to interact with potential customers and prospective business partners over the internet. Every business or website owner wants to be found 1st in leading search engines, like Google.

But how would you do this without understanding any basic SEO? Hence local directories are the options that help you to promote your business online. Online Business Directory shall be a good start to build a local presence.

Likewise, a good quality local business directory helps customers serve them with the companies, products, or services they search for in local areas or even in a different locality. It is a convenient way to save you valuable time and engage with local professionals in a minute.

Flooring Domain – Floor Coverings directories of Australia

What we are

We are an award-winning online flooring directory providing a direct connection between floor coverings business and consumers.

Established in 2017 in Queensland, Australia, the platform offers a space where flooring companies can advertise their business services and be found by potential customers. Offering a broad spectrum of valuable tools, companies can share and build their online presence and reputation with customers, promote their products and advertise special offers and seasonal deals.

  • Flooring Domain has been nominated in the 2021 Australian Enterprise Awards  as The Best online Flooring Directory 2021

We work to benefit everyone.

Here at Flooring Domain, we offer a convenient one-stop platform for customers and professionals to connect with each other, regarding their floor covering needs. We’re open to residential and commercial customers who require a wide array of services ranging from painting, installation, repairs, material supply, flooring, etc. 

For Businesses

Floorigdomain.com.au has quickly become attractive for many businesses since they each have a fair opportunity to post their services and find new potential customer leads. The platform provides a several signup options. It starts with a free listing to all businesses that wants to reduce the costs that companies incur when marketing and advertising their services. For those who wants to take an advantage Flooring Domain offering a PRO account with an advanced advertising option.

It has demonstrated beneficial to small businesses operating on minimal budgets because no joining or continuous fee is required. Providing an obligation-free service that new and established companies can use for marketing their services.

For Brands

How could customers make the right choice and choose your product?

Finding the right product for any flooring project can be challenging and time consuming. Flooring Domain provides a dedicated web portal for floor covering manufacturers and brands to present and promote their products to customers.

We provide a service that allows customers to browse floor covering options and types, learning about each available product. There is also an ability to compare products and providers and choose the option that best suits the customer’s needs. A quick click of a button and customers will be directed to a list of local distributors where their chosen product or material can be source from, making it an easy and effective process.

Customers and contractors can also rate and review products and materials. This includes products such as flooring, carpet, tiles, paving, vacuum cleaners, and other types of machinery. Customers have the ability to share their experience with a particular product or material, helping to promote brand names and in turn help future customers make the right choice. This is a great benefit for any floor covering manufacturer and will help promote their products across the Australian market.

For Customer

The website also helps as a source where people seeking reliable flooring contractors and companies can shop and compare services and providers through a secure platform, request and receive immediate quotes from multiple businesses or choose a supplier directly form a list.

Flooring Domain acts as an online directory and service marketplace of flooring specialists. Instead of browsing through multiple links searching for the right company, customers can compare different professionals listed on flooringdomain.com.au with a click of a button. When customers post a project on the website, service providers from that local area will generate quotes for the client to consider and choose.

Customers can select the quote that suits their budget and expectations, also checking a business profile for reviews, experience, and legitimacy. Flooring Domain seeks to eradicate the uncertainty people face when looking for material supply, repair, maintenance, and installation services. The platform database provides a wide range of floor covering service contacts. Consumers can review various maintenance experts and material suppliers. The wide range of services and materials can suit both the residential and domestic market and material for internal and outdoor use.

Customers have the chance to ask inquiries and obtain professional advice from qualified experts. The contact details of various experts are on the directory, so there are no intermediaries whenever someone wants to communicate with flooring experts.

Flooringdomain.com.au is changing the way consumers seek floorcoverings materials and services in Australia. Instead of browsing for professionals and spending hours sorting search results, customers can merely list the job request and expect experts to present their quotes and offers. Directories are making service delivery more convenient and handy for businesses and customers.

Where to from here?

As of 2021, Flooring Domain expands the international market, helping customers find flooring contractors, shops, and products in the US, UK, and New Zealand. As well as demand and requests from another type of business raising, we have decided to launch a multi-business directory for all general business niches.

Company: FlooringDomain.com.au

City: Gold Coast

State: QLD

Country: Australia

Our Network:

AU www.flooringdomain.com.au/

US www.flooringdomain.us/

UK www.flooringdomain.co.uk/

NZ www.flooringdomain.co.nz/

BLEEN www.bleen.com.au/

Excellent Technological Advancements That Will Shape the Future

The constant evolution of technology is transforming industries. Small firms are gradually seizing market share and setting up their brand. There are several projections made by market experts about the coming future of data analytics and the way it will shape machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Massive technology-driven changes are going to assist businesses to address a series of challenges for achieving optimum growth.

In this article, we are listing the top major technological trends that will shape the future.

Artificial intelligence

AI-driven applications will offer the ability to perform data analysis through multiple functions, fraud identification, and superior-level customer relationship management. All this will help businesses get a competitive advantage.

Artificial Intelligence will implement algorithms and find solutions to complicated business issues using human intelligence. This technology along with advanced machine learning will greatly help in intelligent implementations, such as robots, consumer electronics, smart cars, etc. with several applications and business solutions.

By automating complicated business processes through AI, a business can benefit in terms of reduced work hours, improved innovation, and researching. AI-based chatbots/virtual assistants and applications help marketers communicate with key buyers politely and interactively.

In the coming decade, they will assist businesses to strengthen their workflow by enabling businesses to spend more time on business expansion and less time on basic functions.

Wearables Technology

The next key technology trend that we can see in the next decade would be the burst of wearable technologies. They are made to create “augmented humans”. The use of these technology-enabled devices enhances human performance and promotes safe, healthy, and efficient lives.

Big Data

Big Data implies the exponential evolution in the data that is generated in the world. High-level advanced level data analytics makes an organization work with massively complicated and diverse data easily and efficiently.

Smart homes

More and more consumers are preferring to make their physical spaces smarter. Implementation of AI devices helps create intelligent and connected homes, workplaces, and even entire cities.

Digitally Extended Realities

In the coming decade, there will be an increased implementation of virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality, which will help create highly immersive digital experiences for users.


Blockchain is a safe method to store, authenticate, and protect data. It could result in revolutionizing several facets of business such as facilitating reliable transactions.

Cloud computing

The coming decade will see a rise in the use of cloud computing services. This technology involves storing data on other systems and accesses them through the internet anytime and anywhere.

Through this technology, organizations can open up their analytics and data to the masses. Edge computing will facilitate data processing on smart devices that will take cloud computing to a higher level in the coming years.


The addition of the above key technologies in the industry will assist small-scale enterprises to test and implement them to attain higher business objectives. Where AI will help start-ups gain a competitive advantage, large-scale enterprises will get benefitted from the creation of the platform to develop innovative solutions.

With robust developmental implications, AI technology is going to work as a predictive enabler to assist start-ups to resolve large-scale issues and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Gardening Trends to Follow in 2021 to Make your Home a Better Place to Relax and Unwind

As we are about to leave the fall season in the New Year and welcome the spring, we will see new growth all around us. This is also the season when people come out of their incubation and start spending more time amidst nature. The year 2020 showed us the importance of our own homes, our sacred place and how important it is to keep our homes fresh and stylish at the same time. As our homes became the place where we have spent the entire year in 2020, we ensured that it becomes as relaxing as possible to spend quality time with our loved ones.

Trees play a very important role in keeping us alive not just by cleaning our environment, but they also clean our mental clutter and helps us relax a bit more. So, with the spring season arriving, it’s time to brush up our gardening skills to level up our home garden and make them our sacred relaxing spot.

Top 4 gardening trends to follow in 2021

1.      Balcony gardens:

  • Living in urban areas has its own pros and cons while you get access to advanced technology and work opportunities, getting an access to garden space is difficult.
  • Balcony gardens are changing this trend.
  • People are using hardy plants and hanging pots to shape up their balcony gardens in the most stylish way possible.
  • Snake plants, bamboo, and rosemary top the list of plants that can easily thrive in your balcony.

2.      Black canvas:

  • People look more inclined towards neutral shades for the upcoming spring season.
  • This is because neutral shades, especially the basic ones like black and white provides a soothing feeling to our senses.
  • Black canvas also helps to bring out the natural colours of the flowers and leaves in your garden.
  • Apart from black, you can also choose canvas shades of grey to keep your plants as the highlight of your garden space.

3.      Inside out garden:

  • This is one of the most common seen trends as we spent most of the time indoors in the last year owing to the pandemic.
  • It is all about a flow that is created between the indoors and the outer space whether it is a balcony or a lawn.
  • It is very important that your choice of plants and pots work in harmony with your interiors.
  • Succulents and ferns win the race if you are planning this style of garden in your house.

4.      Split level gardens:

  • This way of putting up a garden space is mostly seen in urban spaces to give them a more pronounced appeal.
  • Including steps and zones in your lawn gives you opportunities to be more playful with your gardening skills.
  • Terrace gardens are usually beautifully designed using this layout.
  • This layout also helps in optimal utilization of space and giving a line of vision to every nick and corner of the garden area.

There are ample trends and styles to follow while making a beautiful garden sanctuary for your home. It is important to have a space where you can feel good, relaxed, and fresh after a long day at work. Play with colours of your choice and create your sacred space using the layouts listed above.

Learn About the Impact of COVID 19 Pandemic on Small Businesses

With the lockdown effect and COVID 19 taking a toll on lives, businesses are navigating the financial challenges while addressing the needs of people and consumers. Further, Surveys have been conducted with more than 5,800 small businesses to know what are the actual problems faced by the businesses.

The mass layouts and closures did surely occur in the first few weeks of lockdown. Secondly, the risk has been negatively associated with the length of the risk. Many small businesses have become frantically fragile and they have lost a lot of money. The medium businesses have seen $10,000 expenses only within 2 weeks of business.

COVID 19 has caused enough damage to money and shocked society. Likewise, three questions arise when talking about small businesses. Firstly, how did the small businesses have been able to adapt to the disruptions of COVID 19? Secondly, how long the businesses have expected the crisis to stay, and how did the decisions affect the business?

The surveys during lockdown were conducted between 28th March 2020 to 4th April 2020. Similarly, the surveys have allowed the competitors to understand the mental state of the business owners during critical situations.

Impact of COVID 19 on the business world

·        Dealing with changing customer habits

The global pandemic has changed the experience of customers as a whole. Likewise, digitalization has come into the picture and accelerate the pivot to digital commerce. The situations are changing the needs and demands of the consumers. They are buying essential stuff until the situation comes under control.

·        Impact of COVID 19 on the workforce

Organizations around the world are experiencing workforce disruption and companies are continuing virtually. Besides, as long as the workforce is working together for the short- and long-term goals, everything will be in hand. The organizations need fit plans for purposes to evolve in the era of global health.

·        Impact on finance

The leaders have to balance risk and liquidity seeing the growth of the companies. Further, the current situation is leading the leaders to shift to C suite action including the near-term actions for taking strategic decisions.

Immediate actions need to be taken for short-term liquidity challenges. Liquidity has become the matter for survival.

·        Impact of COVID 19 on the operations

There have been fundamental changes to supply chains, consumer behavior, and knocking off the companies to balance. Likewise, it is crucial to becoming an intelligent enterprise from shifting the top-down decision making to enable the cloud to make the work faster.

It is necessary to create a porous organization with modules to help play big. The intelligent Enterprise helps in dynamic management and continual adaptation. It is mainly built for legacy and agility.


Small businesses are likely to fail without appropriate financial assistance. Further, reports have proven that 38% of businesses are likely to open at the end of 2020 or early hours of 2021. Many of the businesses will need loans to survive better.

Road Safety Skills to Make You Not Just a Good but a Safe Car Driver as well

Even the very best and experienced drivers face adversities while driving on the road and are unable to avoid certain slips and crashes. However, the most important goal is to save lives at all costs.

You must identify the areas where you can improve as a driver and work on them to ensure that your skills are good enough to save you, your loved ones, and other co-drivers on the road.

Top tips that can make you a safe driver

  • Even when you are following the car and road safety rules to the point, you need to be alert at all times to be able to take the most appropriate action at challenging times.
  • You do not always need different skills, concentrating on task at hand and being aware can save many lives as well.
  • Do not let your fears take control over you when meet a challenging road situation; instead, take charge of your fear and act rationally.
  • Go ahead and take car lessons on developing and polishing your driving safety skills. This can really add value to your life on the road.
  • Distraction is the most common cause of crashes that could have been easily avoided. Avoid everything including tuning radio stations while driving.
  • Study the road and its environment; this way you can avoid many precursors that eventually end up in accidents.
  • When you are not on racetracks; lower down your speed. A slower pace can give you extra reaction time to respond rationally to challenging situations.
  • Never ever lose your grip on the steering wheel; it is the first-hand tool to avoid getting into bad situations on the road.
  • Avoid taking harsh turns and sudden changes of pace and directions. A smoother movement on the road gives a better chance to apply breaks in time.
  • If you have not attended advanced driving school; be within your limits and do not attempt to skills on the road that you are not completely aware of.

Occupational risks faced in the automobile manufacturing units

There are certain rules that must be followed while driving a car and keeping road safety in mind. Some of these rules work quite well with the general public. However, those working in the automobile manufacturing unit are exposed to a different set of risks, which are elaborated below:

  • Forklift incidents are the most common hazards people working in manufacturing units face.
  • This could happen when a part or an entire moving vehicle hits someone.
  • Slips and falls is yet another common incident that is frequently seen as an occupational hazard.
  • Getting exposed to hazardous substances or while completing a hazardous task that is manual in nature.
  • Accidents that happen when people work on some machinery in the working mode.

Safety should be our priority whether you are driving the vehicle on the road or whether you are working with a vehicle in the manufacturing plant. You must follow the guidelines and safety rules at all places to ensure that you return safe and sound to your family every night.

What Are SEO Backlinks and How do backlinks help SEO?

Before you Learn How to Build Backlinks and Its Options

According to recent data, only about 30% of small businesses have an SEO strategy. However, these businesses are infinitely better off than the others, and if you want to overtake them, you’ll need an SEO package of your own to crush the competition!

Here, we’re going to talk about the importance of SEO backlinks in gaining web traffic and credibility. Read on to take your website to the next level!

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to online manipulations that boost your website up in search engines. This is critical because 92% of search engine users don’t click past the first page of results after making a search.

The goal is for search engine crawlers (sometimes called ‘spiders’) to see that your website is optimized with certain high-volume keywords and link building strategies. They will then believe you to be more reliable, credible, and relevant, which leads to them placing you higher up in search results.

What is SEO Back links?

One of the most important aspects of SEO is backlinking. Its is a ranking factors when it comes to your Domain Authority and Ranking. Simply put, a backlink happens when one website includes a link pointing to another page within its blog posts.

As a company purchasing or creating SEO-rich content, you will want to link to reliable sites that have high traffic. This will take consumers to other relevant information on the topic that they are learning about. It also will show Google spiders that your page is associated with other high-quality pages and is therefore trustworthy.

Getting other sites to link to you is also an important backlinking strategy and linkbuilding option. Inbound links can be created in a lot of ways, including linking to your official website from social media pages. This will direct traffic to your website and ensure that you are cited in multiple places on the web. You will then be identified as a relevant site to your market and as one that your target audience likes.

You can also increase backlinks by purchasing guest posting packages from SEO experts. This paid link-building strategy pairs you with another website that will produce content that links back to your website. Not only will this get you more traffic, but it’s a great way to build connections and professional relationships with others in similar industries to yours.

How to increase SEO Backlinks mass?

The easiest way is to hire a link building services company that is experienced reliable and can guarantee backlink and maximize your revenue to the website. Important to know that any strategy must consider proper anchor planning and avoid broken links to eliminate Google penalties when planning a roadmap for backlinks to your website. 

How Does Anchor Text Work?

An ‘anchor text’ refers to the visibly highlighted words that an HTML hypertext link is attached to. When you click on an anchor text, you’ll be taken to the site of the backlink included in an article. This directs traffic to the page that is linked within a blog post and establishes a relationship between the two sites.

SEO-friendly anchor text is anywhere between 2 and 5 words. These words are relevant to the post that you’re linking to. An irrelevant anchor text can make both your site and the target site being linked to less appealing to crawlers.

You also don’t want your anchor text to be too rich in keywords. This is because Google’s algorithm becomes suspicious of unnatural link building when anchor text has a high keyword density.

What A SEO Backlink Article Is?

You must have written an article and perhaps you may consider what you have written is pretty good. Then you need to find a webmaster who will be happy to accept your text on their Online Articles Website. However, are you sure that your article can compete with the many other online articles present on Google’s index on an almost similar topic as yours?

Here in this post, we will try to explain how you can boost your articles to become more popular when someone searches them on the Google search engine.

Have you heard about the term called SEO? The full form of this term is Search Engine Optimization. In short, any article that you write should be an SEO article so that it can appear on the result of any search engine. You also need to use certain special phrases in the article relevant to your topic. They are known as ‘keywords’.

Why should you write SEO article?

The following are a few reasons why writing an SEO article online is so important.

  1. Google exists because of SEO articles

Google stores all articles that are regularly published and they are indexed in their lists. When someone searches then Google will match the phrases with the articles available with them. Those articles that are SEO articles can easily meet the criteria of the search. 

  1. Your revenue may increase if your article is found more

If your articles are SEO articles then chances are that people will find your article more than other articles and more people will read you and you will have a greater chance of revenue generation.

  1. Beat competition in search results

Being SEO article, your article will dominate in the search engine results and thus you will always stay ahead of the competition. Your views expressed in the article will become more popular. 

  1. You will become famous

As more and more people will read your article, you will become more famous and your views will be considered with greater respect.

How to write an SEO article

  1. Research for right keywords

While writing an SEO article, first of all, you must find a few well-researched keywords related to your topic that most people prefer to use while making a search. You can find that while making search queries by using Google.

  1. Use the keywords in a proper manner

How many times do you use the keyword and where you place it in your article is important but more important is how the keyword is used. In no way the keyword should look irrelevant to the sentence where it is used.

  1. Write something that offers useful information

You must write such an article that offers a piece of relevant information about the topic so that by reading it, your readers can get some useful information and enhance their knowledge on the topic under discussion.

  1. Make it sufficiently long that people may find time to read

Your topic must neither be too long that people may not get sufficient time to read it unless the topic demands a lengthy article, nor it should be too short that people do not find any relevant information that they were looking for.

Read To Know About SEO Press Release?

The basic concept behind press releases usually is to share a few newsworthy contents with certain interested parties. Also, press releases are used for complementing your existing strategy for SEO, which may include a social presence, blogging, blogger outreach programs, or content marketing.

Now it is said that today, press releases do not hold any more the same SEO value that they had a few years back, as Google has started recognizing that few companies were just using them to gain backlinks, instead of sharing any newsworthy topics.

What a press release is?

If you check any dictionary then a press release will mean an official statement offering information to various journalists about a certain noteworthy event.

The basic purpose of such a press release will be to inform entire journalists about that event, with the hope that it will appear on a certain reputable news platform for the following reasons:

  • To build a reputation
  • To gain enough media coverage.
  • To control any crisis by publishing your own side of the story to get the initial benefit when things are going wrong.

As new technologies evolved, companies found a new reason for sending press releases to gain links from any reputable news sites and boost SEO as a result.

How to write a certain SEO press release?

Often SEO press releases can rank well for fast reputation management purposes and that may fade away after some time. A well-structured and compelling press release will be shared and also talked about that can serve the purposes very well.

What will be in this article?

  • To get differentiated coverage, you must release the information just a few days/hours before to a few groups of trusted journalists. The next day the press release will be known to everyone.
  • Know your keywords
  • Try to place the brand name always in the headline of your press release.
  • You must know the most important parts of your press release.
  • Try to place the brand name in your HTML title of the press release, however, make it a little different than your headline.
  • Put variations, along with your name of brand in the press release body.
  • Now link from your press release to the sub-page on your relevant website.

Stepped press coverage

It is not necessary to send the same press release everywhere. To gain wider appeal you must create different versions of your same story and try to release them in some different places.

Try to use search phrases as your users do

You must know your proper keywords. Many people in the same industry may also use different terms for the same phrase. People will generally use these keywords to search.

Primary key phrases

This will be your main key phrase. It can be a brand name, product’s name, or service, but this will be your primary key phrase. It should be placed differently from any other key phrases that are less significant.

Secondary/long-tail key phrases

Less commonly used a few long-tail key phrases may not be as competitive as your primary key phrases, but they can generate a little more total searches as compared to your general, competitive terms.

Few Things to Know About SEO Guest Blog Posting

As a blogger, it is quite likely that you are not too happy with the amount of traffic being generated to your site, then you may tend to ask yourself a very simple question, is it really worth spending more time on such guest posting?

Despite a few concerns expressed by many bloggers about this kind of inbound marketing strategy, guest posting is still relevant and is the best way to grow your audience for driving traffic to your website.

What guest posting can accomplish?

Firstly, the purpose of such guest blogging is to build relationships. With this, you are networking with many other bloggers to make new connections that might prove useful sometime later. Bloggers can always be very influential people and their blog makes up a significant amount of conversations that happen on the internet.

With your guest posting, you may know people, and indirectly you may increase your influence within social media.

Secondly, with guest blogging, you are introduced to a new audience. You can tap into the audience of the host blog by making your pitch to a certain established community who may be interested in your opinion.

If you can add value to their knowledge, then they will like to read again your blog to check further about your other content.

Thirdly, guest posting plays a big role in SEO (search engine optimization). Guest blogging is mostly discussed in this context and as a result, any popular guest posting may become a very good source to drive traffic to any site.

When you are posting on any other person’s website, the one particular thing that you should surely include in the posting is the link to the website where you are interested to drive your traffic.

In most cases, this might also be embedded in your text, or included in the bio of the author. However, generating a few backlinks is the main objective of guest blogging. Being referenced on certain reputable, quality websites is a very big factor in the way how big search engines may decide to rank the blog.

After some time, generating all these backlinks can help to boost your search engine rankings. Therefore, people refer to any guest blogging as ‘good for SEO’.

Few tips after your guest Blog is published

You will want this blog to do well, and even the publisher will promote the post, however, there are a few things that you should also do too.

  1. Be responsive in comments

Always be ready to reply to any questions and offer positive comments.

  1. Track the post

Trackon social platforms and also respond to any comments if it makes any sense.

  1. Promote the post

Also, promote on various social channels too. Come up with a few different social shares and try to share throughout the year.

  1. Keep it evergreen

Things may change, e.g. algorithms, statistics, procedures, and other legal issues. If you find any change, then email the publisher along with updates that may be added to your article so that it remains relevant and trustworthy.


Now that you know all about SEO backlinks and how they work, it’s time to get started! The important thing to know is you should not buy backlinks in Australia or Elsewhere, rather you should earn back links by offering valuable content to webmasters and asking for links to your websites. Be sure to avoid broken link-building resources when choosing products or services from search engine optimization agencies

The other important point to keep in mind is to keep backlinks portfolio monitoring to be sure all your valuable links are alive and not lost.

Contact us for more information about planning and executing an SEO strategy that works for you. Our experts are happy to help you create blog posts that incorporate high-quality links that drive traffic to your site.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Vinyl plank flooring for your home or office

Getting water-resistant material for your home is a great flooring option for your house’s room or spaces. Vinyl plank flooring is durable and easy to install, also perfect for any DIY project. The range of vinyl flooring planks is unlimited and comes in many styles and colours for your home.

What vinyl plank flooring is made of?

Vinyl flooring is made from a synthetic material that is totally waterproof. It comes in many appearances, such as planks, tiles, and sheets. The vinyl plank flooring comes in the shape of a plank or strip and mimics a timber board. When it comes to design, there are a thousand options replicated most of the known wooden species, giving any homeowner an option to find their preferred option.

Vinyl plank has multiple layers that are finished with a top durable floor coating, making this product a robust option for any room areas, even for high traffic space, making it a perfect commercial flooring solution. It can be installed in home, offices, stores, cafes, and restaurants. This literally a universal floor covering for any type of property. 

How can vinyl plank flooring benefit?

Vinyl plank flooring is a great option for any home designs and stile. It has many colours, and finishes options that suites anyone. The real look of timber gives a luxury appearance to any room or office space. For the coast of fraction, you can make your floor looks like a real spotted gum timber flooring or as a brushed oak, there is so many options that you will not believe it when you shop around for new planks.

It is a waterproof material that gives it extra credit for wet areas, such as laundry or bathroom and can be washed with water in shops or cafes. This material stands along with other floorings such as laminate or solid timber, where water is not an option.

What options for vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring comes in planks and luxury planks. The difference in material quality and thickness.

Normal planks usually have 2.5 to 4.5mm thickness and would have less warranty and lifespan time. The installation of these vinyl planks would be a glue-down type as usual.

When it comes to luxury vinyl plank flooring, this will be a much better quality and thickness product. The usual thickness of this planks is 5 to 7mm. This material also has an extended warranty, usually something between 20 to 25years. The installation types are also giving more flexibility as it can be installed as glue don floor or as loose lay planks.

Obviously, there is a price difference between these two choices, but it all comes to you to pay for what you get. If you plan a long time investment, the luxury vinyl plank flooring will be the way to secure your new floor with quality material.

Creative Home Gym Ideas

A home gym might be just what you need to find the motivation to exercise. If you don’t have a dedicated workout room, that’s ok. Even a nook or a part of your garage or basement will do for many types of exercise. Here are a few gym ideas to help you work up a sweat.

Basement Home Gym

Turne a dark basement into a sun-drenched space that both kids and adults can enjoy. The homeowners needed a place where they could get their cardio fix while watching their kids. On the left is the home gym, and on the right is the children’s play area. 

Home Rock-Climbing Wall

Rock-climbing is perfect for adventurous types and a great way to engage your muscles (it will also be a hit with the kids). You can easily transform a garage with a set of rock-climbing holds.

Small Living Room Gym

While a home gym with a beautiful view can be friendly, you also can turn a windowless space into a fresh and airy workout zone with these ideas. Recessed LED lighting, white shiplap walls, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors keep things feeling bright. Plus, the interlocking foam mats both add a design element and protect the floors.

Home Yoga Studio

A spare bedroom becomes a yoga retreat in your home. A large mirror helps yogis check their form. And the sizable woven rug soothes bare feet. There is plenty of wall storage and a rolling cart for yoga essentials and other gear. Plus, the wallpapered ceiling enhances the room’s peaceful vibe.

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